A Pallet On The Floor

Sam Elmore

May, 1992 and December, 1993

It must be quite a shock for you

To find me standing here

On your front porch after midnight,

On a winter's night so drear

I know it's been a lot of years since I

came to pay a call.

But, I'm worn out now, I need a friend,

and you're family, after all.

The world called and I set out;

you won't believe the places I've been.

But the years have taken a toll on me,

So I've come back home again


Do you recall when we were young, and

visiting kin filled all the beds?

We kids were relegated to the floor; one

pallet for several heads.

We'd giggle and squirm till the fire burned

down, then sleep in the safety of love

We could feel through the darkness of the

wintry night, from the big bed there above.

Just make me a pallet, by the

fireplace, on the floor

At the foot of the old iron bedstead,

so I can hear Papa snore.

I'll never forget how safe I felt;

I need to feel that way once more.

Won't you make me a pallet,

by the fireplace, on the floor?