A Short Walk

Sam Elmore

August, 1992

Ain't it strange how a short

walk can seem so long?

At the fundamental whim of

the season;

You can sniffle or sneeze,

you can burn, you can freeze

But you walk…for a very

good reason.

In the daytime, the walk is

a simple thing

At midnight it can get awful


Though the path is kept neat

by uncountable feet

It's best if the walker be


As a kid, I met a bear on

the walk

On it's back was a tremendous


Next morning, my Ma led me

there by the hand

And showed me that old

hollow stump.

Oh, we've all been there,

on this short vital trip

Some as military…others

as "civvie";

Good weather or bad, it's a

jaunt we've all had

to that old-timey, two holer