Growing Up

Have you ever once wondered how we lasted this long?
Consider it for a moment, will ya?
All the things that we did, growing up as a kid,
Which the experts now tell us will kill ya.

Like the brown eggs Mom fed us each morning,
Fried a long time in rendered hog lard.
The experts say eggs make you fat.
Worse'n that, your arteries get hard.

I recall one time me and two brothers
With a broken thermometer did play.
We cuddled quicksilver in our hands for a month.
They would call it mercury-poisoning today.
As babies, we played on a quilt in the yard.
Dirt was bound to get in our mouths soon.
We're living proof that a little dirt won't hurt.
But really, should we have eaten it with a spoon?

"Don't throw at your sister," Papa sternly advised.
"Someone could get hurt, son - now move it!"
I wish now I'd missed her - that's one more tough sister.
I've still got the scars to prove it.

"You mess with them scissors, you'll hurt yourself,"
Mama cautioned as she kept on a-sewing.
That should answer your question
concerning this spot on my head
Where there's no hair a-growing.

With disaster I've flirted, thrown caution aside
To adulthood from the age of a pup.
All joking aside, it's been one heck-of-a-ride.
I'm growing old - but I REFUSE to grow up!

Growing Up - January 1993
Copyright Sam Elmore