On April 16, 2003 we lost Sam, but we will never forget him.

Sam's Hill

The Way We Was

This pic, circa 1939, shows Papa playing fiddle; little brother Baucum ("the Baby") playing ukelele alongside Papa, with the next three older brothers standing behind: (L to R) Barge, Britten, and Me (on mandolin.)

It was a good country home life, filled with love, laughter, and music.

I went off as a teenager and spent a quarter century in the U S Navy.

Retiring from the Navy, I began a new career in the 'oil patch', and retired from that 22 years later.

Finding myself unemployed, I got to the point of panic, so I went back to work in the ship-building bidness, where I still do my daily stint at the 'salt mines.'

With all that hithering and thithering, I began to write some tales; primarily about what it was like to grow up in a large (12 kids) farming family, during the Great Depression.

Here is a pic of more recent vintage.

I have appended a few of my tales here. I hope you enjoy reading them.

 Sam Elmore

A Few of My Stories

Bull Nettles and Little Brothers

Bert and the Booger

Crime Don't Pay

Primitive Weapons

The Latch

"Render Unto Caesar"

Public Appearance

Arkansas Travelers

A Doggone Headache

A Flag on the Mailbox

A Garden Variety Tail

A Silver-Tongued Liar

A Matched Pair of Bird Dogs

An Oriental Fish Fry

Arctic Survival--Arkansas Style

Ballistics Experts

Bert's 24-volt Bull


The Baby's Rodeo

Doors, Latches and "Thangs"

A Penchant for Roses

The Best Dang Fishing Dog in Columbia County

Gate Swinging

Pea Thrasher

Papa's Fireworks Factory

For One Thin Dime

Great Balls of Fire


Just an Ol' Flag

Growing Up

How Long is a String?


It's a Wonder

It's About Time

Little Ol' Winemaker-Me

Love Was Showed-Not Spoke

Mama Murders the Mule

Mama Counted the Stripes

Solitary Fishin'

Treed by a Pet Lamb

Grandma's Cold Cream

Snapshots From a Pick-up Truck


The Fishin' Trip


View from Sam's "Big Bruh's" Camp

Picture by Ruby Staggs (Thanks Ruby!!)
Martha Rises to the Occasion

Mistaken, To a Degree

Brother was a Good Dog

A "Wet" Christmas

A Short Walk

Mister Parmalee's Turn

Music and Malice at a Deer Camp

The Showdown

The Instict Shooter

The Lar'nce Welk Suit

A 60-Watt Irish Potato

Two by Four Outboard (With a Governor)


Never Argue with your Mama

Mumps and Plum-Grannies

A Bob-Wire Cyclone

A Christmas Wish List

Porky-Pine Eggs

Murphy's Law

The Magnolia, Arkansas N,S&W Club

What Did He Say??

Whistle a Bird

Youth and Light Bread

On Kins and Needles

Money-Back Guarantee

A Short Saxaphone Serenade

A Penalized Romance

A Pallet on the Floor

A Blank Page

Nail Soup

One Peck of Trouble for a Dime

Ransom Note

Papa 'Explains' a Persimmon Bush

Brothers, Bears, and Bulldozer Blades

Eatin' Worms

Mister Abb's "Music School"

Papa and the Bear

Boxing Lesson


24 Stories added June 14th 2004

Apple Cheeked Guardians

Aunt Vernenia

'mergency Pull Cords and Creek Coffee

Double-Oh-Six (and 3/8ths)

Gun Control

How to Bag an Elephant

Never on Wednesday

Pore Ol' Papa Abb

Slim's Convict Bull

The Legal-Minded Preacher

Todd and the Prod

Yeller Snowball

A Sunday Snack in Smackover, Arkansas

Bo Gray and "Murphy"

Papa's Di-Jack Minnow

Fried Coffee

High-Teck Nolligy

Mella-tons…Meller-tuns…Hunh ???

"The Baby" Gives Papa a Necklace


Talkin' After Dark

Third Washtub

Wring-neck Pheasant

You Can't Miss It

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Ya'll know how Sam and me were, he was always a sight nicer but we frequently thought so much alike it was kinda scary. We were both big fans of the movie "Jeremiah Johnson" and the man who inspired it, "Liver Eatin'" Joe Johnston, a truly legendary mountain man. As depicted in the movie the Absaroka (Crow) people maintained a "shrine" to him ( their sworn enemy, he killed a couple hundred warriors, mostly in single combat, but I digress) out of respect where they would leave small "fetishes", a feather, a small medicine bag, an eagle claw, etc. When they would leave a new item they would remove an old one, which they believed acquired something of the spirit of Johnston.

Once Sam's grave has settled, or before, I will be doing something similar with him. For some strange reason I would value a baculum or a boar's tusk or something that had lain watch over him for a few months.

Sam wrote me a letter at the end of March, when he realized he was in trouble, with a number of requests ( none dealing with this, I hasten to add) and connected me with who he considered one of his closest family members. I mentioned mine and Sam's shared love of the movie (and Johnston) to her and told her what I planned to do and she agreed that Sam would find it fitting (she also said it reminded her of "Reunion", one of Sam's stories that had not been on his ME page, but is now).

What I figure to do is emplace a wooden box to serve as a receptacle, and as folks have a chance to get by the Southern Arkansas area (I'll Post a map here later), they can stop by, say "Howdy" to Sam and drop off a token (if you and Sam would understand, that's good enough) and take one that has been watchin' over Sam. Anybody who would care to is welcome to participate, and participation by Proxy is something Sam would fully understand.

I am reliably informed the first such token has already been left as of 4/21/03.

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